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Headless World

Ascher/Straus' ultimate novel, completed just before Sheila Ascher's death in December, 2020.  A uniquely daring speculative novel that takes an unprecedented leap forward into a cosmos ordered by principles closer to "loop quantum gravity" theory in its approach to space and time than to any more traditional theory while tracking the life of an abandoned child navigating multiple channels of possible identities, family plots and destinies.


Stephen Beachy, author of Glory Hole and boneyard,  has already written:       ". .  . as if an alien species that had devoured our memories was now using them to shift the syntax of our thoughts."  And:  "A strange object, unlike any other book you'll ever read, relentless, hilarious, a ferocious trance, a secret key."   And Rachel Nagelberg, author of The Fifth Wall, writes: ". . .  the hope of transcendence arrives in the form of a novel that escapes the spoor of endless mechanical reproduction, in a narrative-channel that defies any viral popular culture logic — it's a 'twirling spindle of infinity' . . .  I'm so in love with this book."