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Headless World, McPherson & Co., 2022

The 30th Anniversary (softcover) Edition of The Other Planet, McPherson & Co., 2018
Hank Forest’s Party, Green Integer, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-933382-47-0
ABC Street, Green Integer 2002
The Other Planet, McPherson & Co.
The Menaced Assassin, McPherson & Co., 1989 (revised edition; original edition, 1982)

Red Moon/Red Lake, McPherson & Co. 1988

Red Moon/Red Lake, Top Stories
Letter to an Unknown Woman, McPherson & Co.
Discovery of the World, Ghost Dance #22
Green Inventory, Ghost Dance #26


Boxed Two Volume Set Top Stories, Primary Information, Brooklyn (2022)
The Living Underground: A Prose Anthology, Hugh Fox (Editor), Whitson Publishing Co.
15 Years in Exile, Exile Editions, Toronto, Canada
Top Top Stories, City Lights
Chouteau Review: Ten Year Retrospective
Chelsea: A Retrospective (Twenty-Five Years), Chelsea Associates
Likely Stories, McPherson & Co.
Pushcart Prize Anthology, III, Pushcart Press
Language and Structure in North America, Kensington Arts Assoc., Toronto
Chicago Review Two Volume International Survey of Innovative Fiction

Action/Image; Annex; Aphra; Aspen Anthology; Assembling (multiple issues); Asylum Annual; Benzene; Beyond Baroque; Calyx; Central Park (multiple issues); Chelsea (multiple issues) ; Chicago Review (multiple issues); Chouteau Review; Coda; Confrontation; Cumberland Journal; Epoch; Exile (multiple issues); Gallimaufry; Interstate; Modernsense; New American Writing; Panache (multiple issues); Paris Review; Queen Street Magazine; Source; Sun & Moon; Tamarisk; Telephone; White Walls; Your Impossible Voice (multiple issues); Zone; Zone/Benzene

SPACE NOVEL (Installation and Events)

AS IT RETURNS: installation of two flat volumes (40 square feet and 33 square feet) of corresponding "pages," a book derived from the planes of the gallery space: Contemporary Arts Gallery, NYU

THE BLUE HANGAR: a narrative (text and activity) whose form and materials are derived from a large public environment with interior and exterior spaces; method of distribution adapted to mobile readership; Gateway National Recreation Area New York; sponsored by U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, American Crafts Council, Participation Project Foundation, Poets & Writers, Inc.

THE BLUE HANGAR: 12th Annual NY Avant Garde Festival, Gateway National Recreation Area

12 SIMULTANEOUS SUNDAYS: a novel written publicly over 12 Sundays, with installation and performance elements: Gegenschein Vaudeville Placenter

AS IT RETURNS: "Beyond the Page" exhibition, Y Poetry Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

AS IT RETURNS: models, photographs and related prose: University of Nevada

AS IT RETURNS: "TELIC" exhibition, Art Research Center, Kansas City, Missouri

SPACE NOVEL (Publications)

THE BLUE HANGAR: Partial text and photo-documentation, Queen Street Magazine (#10-11-12-13) Toronto

THE BLUE HANGAR: Photo-documentation and brief text, Coda (volume 3 #4)

THE BLUE HANGAR: Complete text and photo-documentation, Interstate (#12)

AS IT RETURNS: diagrams and partial text, Seventh Assembling

AS IT RETURNS: complete text, New American Writing

12 SIMULTANEOUS SUNDAYS, partial text, Zone (#7)

12 SIMULTANEOUS SUNDAYS, partial text, Benzene (volume 1 #4)